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Ready for their big break, Starfoxy (Katie Cassidy, Drake Bell, Austin Swift and Jerry Trainor) preps for the most important show of their lives at a music festival. The night before their set, a party breaks out in their Palm Springs rental house – complete with debauchery, drugs, and a dead girl in the swimming pool (Debby Ryan).


One by one, each band member retells their version of the night in this Rock N’ Roll murder mystery, told Rashoman-style.


Follow the hilarious journey of five YouTube celebrities on their way to a nationally televised talent competition. Meet Tomas Butterman and his “partner” Hank  (Shane Dawson & Christian Delgrosso) known for parodies of popular music videos; Amber Day (Amanda Cerny) the YouTube “comedian” popular due to her voluptuous figure; Dale Hand (Steve Greene), a YouTube father who likes to stage elaborate pranks to scare his baby daughter, Lucy ; Veronica Decker (Wendy McColm), a struggling actress famous for the viral video she would like to forget; Dennis Wasserman (Richard Ryan) a “filmmaker” known for videos starring his cat, Mr. Blankets.  Only one will be chosen as “Web Star of the Year” and go on to further fame and fortune. The question is, do any of them have any actual talent?


After finally graduating high school, 19-year-old slacker Martin (Kevin Wu) has big plans for the summer: to do absolutely nothing. He and his best friend Randall (Justin Chon) plan to spend all summer hanging out, playing video games, and laying around.  Those plans are ruined when Martin’s girlfriend, Madison (Galadriel Stinemen), drops a bomb on his carefree summer: she’s pregnant, and she doesn’t want to see him until he grows up. With Martin’s life falling apart, he sets out to win Madison back by proving that he’s capable of being a father. He and Randall embark on a man-quest, looking for answers in all the wrong places. With Randall’s help, Martin must figure out what it means to be a Dad and MAN UP.


Off The Dock develops and produces cutting edge entertainment and distributes it on traditional and new media platforms.  The company leverages Lakeshore Entertainment’s 20-year track record of producing award-winning and commercially successful films to engage audiences and elevate the next generation of talent. 


In 2015, Off The Dock acquired its first digital feature MAN UP and distributed it on Vimeo, Netflix and Fullscreen.  Off The Dock’s first original production, INTERNET FAMOUS, was helmed by Michael Gallagher and starred Shane Dawson, Amanda Cerny, Steve Greene, and John Michael Higgins.  The film was distributed on iTunes and Netflix.  Off The Dock also recently collaborated with writer/director Todd Berger and wrapped production on COVER VERSIONS, which stars Katie Cassidy, Drake Bell, Austin Swift, Jerry Trainor and Debby Ryan.  Off The Dock is actively developing, packaging, and producing long and short form projects for emerging platforms. 






An Instagram celebrity becomes a superhero so she can take down an internet troll in an epic battle.

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